Live a few days in the wild of Odisha

Odisha Wildlife tour eastern vision

Odisha is one of the few States in India that is known for its places of diversity. In Odisha you can find faith and devotion and also beauty of nature. You can find there people making beautiful hand looms and

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Eastern India tour introduces you to the Tribal life in Odisha

Eastern India Tour

One of the most wonderful and calm places of India is the state of Odisha in Eastern India. The state of Odisha brings before you every opportunity to interact with the culture of Eastern India and helps you to learn

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Why Online Hotel Booking in Odisha Is The Best Option In The Present Days?

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Whenever you plan for a trip and after you’ve traveled, the first thing that comes to your mind is to look for a place to stay. We at Eastern Vision Tours make sure you get the best out of your

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Mesmerizing Puri and Konark Travel

Puri Jagannath

In Odisha (formerly Orissa) Puri and Konark two of the most spectacular places you can visit. With Eastern Vision Tours, you won’t miss out the opportunity get the most out of what you pay and enjoy till the last minute.

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Consulting a tour operator in Odisha for a relaxing trip!


Odisha is among the most beautiful states of India. Situated in the east of the country, along Bay of Bengal, this state bears natural treasures, historical glory and cultural values. Odisha, formally known Orissa, is among the best tourist destinations.

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