Eastern India tour introduces you to the Tribal life in Odisha

One of the most wonderful and calm places of India is the state of Odisha in Eastern India. The state of Odisha brings before you every opportunity to interact with the culture of Eastern India and helps you to learn about some of the oldest kingdoms and civilizations. This place also restores faith in you and here you can relax your unrest soul and body.Eastern India Tour

The tour comprises of the Golden Triangle Tour; Bhubaneswar- Puri- Konark. The Eastern India tour also shows you the life of the tribes and how wonderful are they in creating little things and leading a life entirely different from us. The Tribal tour, Odisha would provide you with the most unknown experiences of the countryside of India.

How to go about the Tribal tour Odisha?

The tour begins at Bhubaneswar where you will come across many monuments and buildings of great architecture.  Then you go on to watch the Shanti Stupa in Dhauli. Next you come across the wonderful architecture of Sun Temple in Konark. The Eastern India tour places you then in Puri, a plTribal Tour Odisha (2)ace of devotion for Lord Jagannath, thus Puri is also known as Jagannath Dham. You also can try the best of sea food there and enjoy the calmness and beauty of Bay of Bengal.

The next part of the tour takes you to Lake Chilka after halt at Puri for 3 days and there you can watch the seasonal birds and enjoy the wild. Following it you go to Gopalpur where you can notice the silence of the land and hear the sea roaring. Your Tribal Tour Odisha becomes more admirable and wonderful as you enter the Taptapani village where you can see hot springs. The next village is Rayagada where you shall get introduced with the tribal culture of Eastern India. Following is the Kothgarh village where you witness animal sacrifice to please the Goddess. You then travel to a coller place Onukdelli via Jeypore which is placed in hills. The next stop is Gupteswar, the caves where Lord Rama stayed six years during his exile.

After you visit all these places and learn about every detail of the tribal lifestyle, finally the Eastern India Tour ends in Visakhapatanam, the land of beautiful beaches and docks where you can rest after the enchanting Tribal tour of Odisha.

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