Live a few days in the wild of Odisha

Odisha is one of the few States in India that is known for its places of diversity. In Odisha you can find faith and devotion and also beauty of nature. You can find there people making beautiful hand looms and shall also get a detailed view and experience of the wild. The state of Odisha represents that the Eastern India is full of mystery and adventure. While you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze at Puri, you can also see the flocks of birds flying over you at Chilka. Variety comes and gathers at a single place in Eastern India, they gather in Odisha.

What shall you experience in the Bhitarkanika tour package?

bhitarkanika national park

While wildlife I being mentioned here, the best place for an adventure trip that you can take at any time of the year is the trip to Bhitarkonika. The Bhitarkanika tour package, which covers Bhubaneswar and Bhitarkanika, is a tour of 12 days.Bhitarkanika tour package shows you the variety of Odisha. While in Bhubaneswar you witness the great architecture of several periods of rulers, you enter Bhitarkanika for adventure. You can stay there at the camp, dine and enjoy the forest. Then you come across the lives of Buddhist in Udaigiri and Lalitgiri. And then you have your final and most thrilling trip in the Sanctuary where you can see the basking giants salt water crocodiles, a special breed found there, deer, wild boars and other animals too. In the camp you can get the experience of living in the wild.

What does Odisha wildlife tour give you?

The total tour of the wild of Odisha covers very interesting villages Odisha Wildlife tour eastern visionof Odisha. The Odisha Wildlife tour presents to youDhenkanal where you can take boat rides and walk around the nature camp. Then you go to Satkosia where you can have fun at the bonfire in the camp and have a wonderful experience to live among the wild. The next stop is Bhitarkanika where you notice very many kinds of animals specially the Basking giants marsh crocodiles and then you visit Simlipal to watch the birds. The Odisha wildlife tour provides you an experience that you shall never forget.

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