Mesmerizing Puri and Konark Travel

In Odisha (formerly Orissa) Puri and Konark two of the most spectacular places you can visit. With Eastern Vision Tours, you won’t miss out the opportunity get the most out of what you pay and enjoy till the last minute. From Konark tour to the Jagannath Dham tour, all are included in our packages. Trust us and we will take care of you better than anyone else while you’re in Odisha.

Puri Jagannath

The main reason why people from all over India visit Odisha is to see the spectacular view of the sea followed by seeking blessings at the famous Jagannath Temple and the Konark Temple. The experience you don’t want to miss out is as follows,


Situated near the shores of the Bay of Bengal, this placPuri-Jagannath-Templee is known for its rich religious influence which it gets from its temples. The main temple being the Jagannath Temple, thousands of tourists visit here to seek blessings from Lord Jagannath and treat their eyes with the beauty of the temple’s walls, which are beautifully decorated with ornaments and are changed from time to time. Then get the relaxing experience at the beautiful renowned beaches of Puri, this place is a must try if you aren’t inclined towards religious culture, or you have children with you, and you know very well, that children love playing in the sea sand and water.

Not only you, but your children will also remember the fun they had during their Puri tour, and you get to be their hero. We feel that this place is a must visit, so we included the Jagannath Dham tour and a visit to the astonishing beaches in our package.


Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, this place is renowned for its magnificent Konark temple, which was built by King Narasimha during the thirteenth century, a good example of the fine architecture of that era. The whole temple is built like it is a chariot of the Sun God, designed by 12 giant wheels on its sides to make it truly phenomenal. You couldn’t just miss out on the opportunity to visit this destination, so we didn’t miss out the Konark tour in our tour package either.

Now that you know what you could just be missing out, what are you waiting for? We, at Eastern Vision Tours, have just made it easier. Visit and get your tickets booked for an awesome vacation this month. We promise you one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime.

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